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Some kind of crazy...
Mindful CBT weekend
A Moment to be Mindful
My idea of a great Saturday night....


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Good luck everyone...

NB the treatment will take place at my Skipton treatment room and cannot be used elsewhere.

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Some kind of crazy...

So, I've been getting further into fitness for a couple of years now and hope to be offering personal trainer services soon...

Who knew the direction that this would spin me off into!  

Earlier in the year I talked about taking part in a couple of obstacle runs, which I enjoyed, now I'm taking on Everest! 

I'm raising money for Sue Ryder this year and have ended up with an epic schedule of events to contend with! 

It all kicks off this weekend with the Wolf Run on Saturday, then Tough Mudder Yorkshire on Sunday...  Closely followed by my first ever half marathon, The Great North Run!  The Saturday after I'll be hitting the Born Survivor course and the following Sunday the Leeds Major Series.  Bringing everything to a steady wind down in the form of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge!

I must be crazy, or insanely fit, or both... You decide!  If you are able to show a little support for one crazy lady and the fantastic team at Sue Ryder please follow the link below and donate what you can.

Thanks again for helping me along my journey, you are all stars!

Lindy xXx  

Mindful CBT weekend

Have you ever hit a point where you can; honestly without feeling stupid, say that you are an amazing, beautiful and compassionate soul???  For most of us, if we are being truly honest, the answer is no.  For me, even after years of self development, various therapies & a number of courses in well-being the answer was still no... until yesterday.
Yesterday the Universe opened up and stood within my soul, giving me the power and insight to see myself as I truly am; a wonderful, unique being of light, at one with the Universe and all that is in it.  
I have had moments of Oneness or what some may call grace before, but never whilst giving myself & another person a compliment, the sense of connectedness between the two of us and all things was amazing, beautiful & compassionate.  We were talking from a point of pure love, from the essence of our very being, it was quite magical and deeply uplifting.
Mindfulness and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) are clearly powerful tools to use together.
It has been such an amazing weekend of learning with some wonderful women of great worth.  I am now looking forward to unravelling a few more layers of my "story" and releasing old behaviour patterns that no longer serve me whilst creating new neural pathways through wonderful practices which will support and nurture my soul in the years to come.
Huge thanks to Paula and Beverly for such an enlightened course and to the other amazing ladies on it who each added a little extra sparkle to the weekend in their own ways.

A Moment to be Mindful

In our daily lives we tend to end up with a sometimes overwhelming list of things to do, places to go and people to care for.  It's all to easy to slip into a state of mindlessness, running around on autopilot, paying little or no attention to each moment or action along the way.  People often slip into a stress state, constantly thinking of what will be happening later or next week or some other time in the future.  It can go the other way too with people fretting over a past problem, becoming distracted by it so much that they cannot respond properly in the here and now....
A moment of mindfulness can change all of this!  Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting that mindfulness is a quick fix for anyone's problems, it can make a huge difference in how we live out our day to day lives though.  Mindfulness is the art of living, fully present in each moment, with compassion & awareness.  It's not easy, after years of constant busyness but it can totally change the way we act and react to situations. 
I began being mindful by setting myself one task to practice mindfulness daily, I a good task to use was washing my face.  Each day I made this my ritual, to actively notice each sensation & expression as I performed this task.  I was amazed by the way really focusing made me feel and soon added more specifically mindful acts into my life.
A personal favourite mindful activity of mine is mindful walking, it leaves me with such a profound sense of peaceful connectedness with the earth & nourishes my soul.  It is like a deep meditation, a stillness within whilst moving.  Mindful walking is a wonderfully simple exercise too, begin moving softly, paying full attention to the movements you are making, what body parts you are using, what sensations you are feeling, what pattern you breath follows, what surroundings you are moving through, what sounds there are around you, how wonderful and miraculous life is... 
Take a few moments to be mindful where you can, it's amazing the difference it can make in all aspects of this miracle we call life.
Blessed Be xXx

My idea of a great Saturday night....

I went out with a few of my friends the other day for some of my kind of Saturday night fun...  A 10k and a bit obstacle run, in the night, wearing a flat cap and head torch!  This jolly old jape was my first visit to one of the Rat Race Events!  The notorious night runs - Yorkshire Terrier!  It was a lot of muddy fun, if you like that kind of thing...

Battling against sleet, wind & mud, in the darkness across fields and through woods, springing over hay bales and stacks of tyres, crossing a lake and generally getting very muddy.... 

Okay, that's my idea of fun, it's not for everyone!  Most of the lovely folk that joined me for this one had a cracking time, some will do it again with me, some definitely won't.  Others are crazy enough to be preparing for the next challenge with me...

Being physically fit has changed my life, now when I see an obstacle up ahead I know that I will find a way through, over or past it!

What have you been getting up to?

Peace xXx