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Treatments & Prices

This is a gentle, healing massage performed using specially selected essential oils.  The oils can be blended to invigorate and motivate or to promote calm and deep relaxation.

Full Body Massage with Rejuvenating Facial
(1 hour 40 minutes)                                          £60
Full Body Massage
(Approximately 1 hour 10mins)                          £40
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
(Approximately 50 minutes)                              £30

Crystal Healing
This treatment works energetically to cleanse and revitalise your spirit with the healing vibration of specially selected crystals.

Full session
(Approximately 1 hour)                                       £30
Chakra Balancing
(Approximately 45 minutes)                                £25

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage is great for working on problem areas, getting right into the knots & releasing tension.  This treatment can be a little uncomfortable but the results are well worth it!

Full Body Treatment
(Up to 2 hours)                                                  £75
Back, Legs & Feet
(Up to 1 hour 30 minutes)                                  £55
Back & Back of the Legs
(Up to 1 hour 10mins)                                        £40
Back, Neck & Shoulders
(Up to 50 minutes)                                            £30

For specific problem areas or to incorporate some deep tissue work into your usual treatment please contact me to arrange a price.

Ear Candling
This wonderfully soothing treatment can be used to relieve sinus problems,  reduce tension headaches and can help to prevent build up of wax in the ears.

Ear Candling with Face & Scalp Massage
(Approximately 50 minutes)                              £35
Ear Candling alone
(Approximately 30 minutes)                              £25

Hot Stone Massage
This is a deeply relaxing treatment during which heated volcanic stones are used to massage the body.  Said to be up to 10 times more effective for relaxation than other forms of massage,  this treatment brings balance to body and soul.

Full Body Massage with Mini Facial
(1 hour 30 minutes)                                           £55
Full Body Massage
(Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes)                     £45
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (with energy re-balance)
(Approximately 1 hour)                                      £30

Indian Head Massage
This treatment can be deeply relaxing or extremely invigorating depending on the needs of the client.  It can reduce stress and tension,  prevent headaches & improve the condition of the hair and scalp.

Full Indian Head Massage Including Energy Re-balance
(1 hour)                                                               £40
Indian Head Massage
(Approximately 45 minutes)                                  £30
Stress Buster Scalp Massage 
(Approximately 30 minutes)                                  £20

Luxury Massage
The ultimate in pampering! This treatment brings together Hot Stones,  Swedish & Aromatherapy massage techniques to relax and revive your body and soul.  This treatment is tailored to the needs of each client and can also include Reiki,  Crystal Healing or Facial Rejuvenation as part of the package.

Full Body Luxury Massage
(Approximately 2 hours)                                  £75
Luxury Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
(Approximately 1 hour)                                   £40

Group Meditation & Well-being Sessions...
Group meditation and well-being sessions are now available, so whether you wish to open a new door in your life, reduce stress, let go of fear, or find peace there is a solution for you!

Group sessions (guided meditation/life skills)              £5 per person
See our events page for further details...

Natural Lift Facial Massage / Facial Rejuvenation
This luxurious treatment brings you the best of Eastern and Western facial massage techniques to restore and rejuvenate your face,  bringing youthfulness and peace.
Natural Lift Facial Massage
(Approximately 1 hour)                                  £35
Holistic Facial Massage
Approximately 30 minutes                              £25

This Japanese energy healing technique works to relax and restore mind,  body and soul by re-connecting the recipient with Universal Energy,  enabling deep healing from within.

Full Reiki Session
(Approximately 1 hour)                                   £30
Taster Session of Reiki
(Approximately 30 minutes)                            £20
This treatment aims to bring harmony to body and sole through gentle manipulation of the reflex points in the feet.

Full Reflexology Session
(Approximately 1 hour)                                  £35
Foot Relaxations & the 5 Zones
(Approximately 30 minutes)                           £25

Sound Healing
Working with the resonance and vibrations of sounds; balance can be restored to the body and energetic blockages can be released.  This session can be deeply soothing or thoroughly invigorating.

Sound Healing Session
(Approximately 30minutes)                           £25

Swedish Massage
This is a medium to firm massage focusing on the manipulation of muscle tissues.  Excellent for alleviating aches, pains, tension & stress.

Full Body Massage with Facial
(1 hour 40 minutes)                                       £55
Full Body Massage 
(Approximately 1 hour 10 minutes)                £40
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
(Aproximately 40minutes)                             £30

Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation / Happiness & Well-being Coaching / Mindful CBT
Looking to change your life and struggling to make it happen?  Stressed out and unsure where to turn?  Past issues still causing present problems?  Learn transformational techniques that can really work for you.
Initial Consultation
(Approximately 1hour)                               £40
Follow up Sessions
(45minutes - 1hour)                                   £30

Guided Meditation, Breath Work & Relaxation are available upon request, either as part of another treatment or as an individual therapy.

Combinations of these treatments can be arranged upon request,  please call Linda on 01756 709631 or email for details.

Fun, friendly, practical workshops are also available, please visit my workshops page for further details.