Linda Morgan - The Mind Body Specialist - Testimonials
Linda Morgan - The Mind Body Specialist - Restoring Harmony to Your Body & Soul
Client Testimonials....
Here you will find some of the lovely things that my clients have said about the treatments they have received from me.

"I cannot recommend Linda highly enough. I see her once a week for a massage and reiki, and have never felt more balanced and better able to cope with all that life throws in my direction. Linda is professional, yet extremely caring, knowledgeable but not a know all, thoughtful and very tuned into each person as an individual. She definitely has healing hands. All the services she offers are so reasonably priced, she makes taking time out to look after yourself a necessity, not a luxury. Giver her a try, I very much doubt it will be a one off visit, and it will never be something you regret making time in your busy day to do"

“What an amazing place. It was recommended by a friend because I had a problem with my shoulder and needed someone to fix it since I had tried rest and exercise and neither had worked. I thought I needed a sports remedial massage but my friend suggested Linda. I liked her instantaneously. I have had a few different massages over the years for various problems with my neck/shoulder and I have to say that this is the best I've found. I hope she never stops doing this, as it is her calling, without a doubt. Needless to say, my shoulder was soon fixed after a few sessions, and I feel so nice afterwards that I go on a regular basis now, and I've had no problems returning for over a year. I am so relaxed and balanced afterwards that I feel that I float home. I sometimes stop by e-pan (the best Chinese in Skipton) on my way home and the chap who works there looks at me and says "you've been to see Linda haven't you?"... "

"Linda tailors her work to suit each individuals needs and is instinctive in her approach to know what is in the client's best interests. She is highly trained and knows her subject well. I will continue to use her services weekly to ensure my continued health and well being."

“Linda is a very professional therapist with great knowledge and expertise . I always find any treatment I have to be very effective and beneficial .”

“Linda is professional in every way. makes you feel comfortable in her work and is highly skilled at her chosen profession. She has a great knowledge of her subjects at hand, has excellent prices, is consistent & very trustworthy. I have recommended her to friends and family whether or not they have chosen to take my recommendation is unknown to me as yet.”

“I've never been one for massages or physical health treatments, but I went to Linda with a very painful shoulder. She fixed that for me in no time, and now I am a complete convert. I try and go at the very least once a month for either a Swedish massage or a combination hot stone session. I find it to be the perfect way to relax and unwind. Linda is very attentive, and does everything she possibly can to make you feel comfortable. I cannot recommend her services highly enough, and refer her to friends an colleagues whenever I can.”

“Linda is an expert holistic practitioner, really good at massage therapy, and the best massage therapist I have ever known. I look forward to appointments with her and always feel their benefits. I would recommend her thoroughly and without hesitation, to those considering massage or other therapies for the first time, or those already with experience of holistic treatments.”

“Linda is very very good at what she does. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone I know. In fact I would go as far as saying Linda needs to be a must have in your life!!!”